Red Star Announces Rs1.20 Cr Scholarship Programme

Red Star Announces Rs1.20 Cr Scholarship Programme

15 Sep, 2021

Red Star, an educational social platform, has announced the launch of an Rs 1.20 Crore Scholarship Programme.

The scholarship is available to Indian students who are planning to study overseas in the upcoming academic intakes. Each student will be eligible for the scholarship amount ranging between Rs 50,000 to Rs 10 lacs decided on a case to case basis.

To participate in the programme, students from anywhere in India can submit an application detailing why they should receive the scholarship. A special in-house jury will evaluate each application and assign scores based on the student’s merit, financial background and overall quality of the submission. 

The scholarship has a rolling application and winners will be announced by the platform on a monthly basis with the amount being disbursed only after successful enrolment of the students at their preferred university. The scholarship is currently open to every student applying for higher education abroad through the Red Star platform, until 15th December 2022. 


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