How we will help you ?

  • Red Star Scholarships are a way for students to get scholarship money and tuition help in return for academic excellence.
  • The Red Star Scholar Program guides you through your college application process, from start-to-finish! You'll receive personalized attention that will take care of all the necessary details so just fill out an application form before deadlines come up.
  • Don't let the scholarship process overwhelm you. Red Star will provide necessary details for scholarships under this program in particular or any other applicable ones if they choose so.
  • Results of all applications are kept confidential until admission results come out - only then do we know whether there's room at your dream school!

India’s largest scholarship for study abroad

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Eligibility Criteria

  • We have a scholarship opportunity for Indian college students!
  • You must be an Indian national, have graduated from your university with 60% and apply to universities abroad in 2022.
  • If you're a fresher/freshmen looking forward towards higher education but don't know where to start - this may just be what's needed!.
  • To Apply: First signup here www.redstargo.com/scholarship then complete the application process via Scholarships Online- all its steps are very simple as there will simply ask some basic information about yourself such as name & mobile number before submitting documents like copies of certificates etc.
  • Once completed successfully submit scanned signatures alongwith recent passport size photo.

Application Timeline

Detail Deadline
Apply for Scholarship 30th June, 2022
Results (For Sep22 Intake) 15th July, 2022
Submit approved Visa details for disbursement 15th Sep, 2022
Disbursement Start Date 15th Oct, 2022

What we are looking for


  • Red Star Scholarships are available to students who apply via the Scholar Program.
  • The most comprehensive counselling program in India designed for guiding you through your college application process.
  • Red Star will contact and guide needed details about scholarships with their team during this time when applying under scholarship becomes possible until admission results come out which tells us if accepted into any colleges or universities abroad!

Scholarship Motive


  • The plan is to make higher education more accessible for Indian students by democratizing access and enabling them to pursue their dreams.
  • This will be accomplished through introducing innovative programs that provide a well rounded international experience, giving each Scholar the chance at success they deserve in life!
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