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5 Tips To Improve Your IELTS Score.

5 Tips To Improve Your IELTS Score.

21 Jul, 2019

Finding the weakness:

Unless you know the weakness, improving it can be studious. Observe why an answer is wrong or right. A solution can be incorrect due to your understanding of the passage. In this case, you must improve the English language. Getting an answer wrong because you didn’t comprehend the question or due to limited time situation then the problem is with the technique or the strategy. Always spend time analysing your performance. In IELTS not only reading, writing, speaking or listening skills are tested but grammar is also being evaluated. This way, you will know what to emphasis on to improve the skills.

Checking the Level:

You should always check your level by giving online and offline mock test regularly. Being able to write in English is not enough. You need to know how to do it properly, what structure to follow, what kind of language and vocabulary to use, how to put the words in a sentence, how to combine words naturally, what kind of grammar structures to use, how to use sophisticated grammar, etc.

Developing the Vocabulary:

Learning vocabulary is not just about learning the meaning of a word; it is about learning when you should use it or not. Spend time on developing vocabulary by communicating with others, reading vocabulary book and searching online. While Speaking, don’t try to give a prepared speech, or talk about a different topic from the one you are asked to discuss. Always speak directly and confidently to the examiner. Be precise and careful with the words while talking. Add more details to the answers, rather than reply in one word. Remember, you are not being tested on your general knowledge but on the ability to communicate effectively. Organize and link your ideas, sentences appropriately, talking clearly at average speed and using a wide range of structures and vocabulary.

Focus on improving the skills:

Always concentrate on developing your skills. Once your English level gets proficient, the tips will help you improve your score. Improve your listening skills by familiarising yourself with the sound, the situation, and the speakers. Answer the questions in the order they appear on the question paper. Check your grammar and spelling as you do so. You must always keep to the topic set in writing.

Polish the Reading:

The reading module has a strict time limit which will change your ability to complete the questions in time. Develop a speed of reading skill to be able to find your answer quickly. Follow the skimming-scanning tricks. Always read the topic of the passage, then get a summary of it by reading the first line of each paragraph and after that switch to the questions to understand what exactly has to be found while reading the complete passage. The more you practice, the more you recognise what type of mistakes you are prone to, and after that, you can try to overcome them.

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